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BundleIDsXI - 1.1.0-1

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This app allows you to see the Bundle ID's of all the applications installed on your device. This app was originally by @NoahSaso. Sadly it appears that he has since gone inactive around a year ago and the app was only ever compiled for 32-bit devices. I figured this would be a relatively easy first attempt at jailbreak projects seeing as I have never really worked in this scene but have a little bit of coding knowledge from other types of small personal projects. Staying true to the original project, I have made my update open source for all to take a look at and even help me learn by helping me update the app further. You can check out my fork of the app at this link here. An absolutely HUGE thanks to @Skittyblock and @TheTomMetzger for all of their help in getting this update working and tested. I hope you all enjoy it even though it is a relatively small project. I have listed all of the changes that have been made from Noah's last build of the app below to show what all is new.

Updates from Noah's last build:

  1. Support for all iOS 11-11.4 beta 3 devices and firmwares
  2. Removed all new iOS 11 "applications" that are never actually seen by the user (let me know if I missed any or hid ones that I should not have)
  3. Full iPhone X support
  4. Change to popup to show that the Bundle ID was copied to your clipboard
  5. Minor code changes to remove deprecated code